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HydrO2ga® for the Physical, Emotional, and Mental Body

HydrO2ga® Practitioners' Association
The Mission of the HydrO2ga® Practitioner’s Association is to promote the development and continuing practice of the HydrO2ga® deep-water exercise program through water exercise classes,  practitioners’ workshops, and certification programs.

What is HydrO2ga®?

HydrO2ga® is an expression and a collection of study and methods that provide support  for the movement of the physical, emotional and mental body. Natural health care theories and applications that are essential for the well being of an individual  have been combined in a water exercise program to support therapeutic processes that will:

- Enhance Physical Movement

Strengthening, toning, aerobic, and stretching movements with mind-body connections,  that may not be possible in gravity due to discomfort, inflexibility, injury or pain are practiced in the deep water of HydrO2ga®. This no impact exercise can be beneficial for anyone, at any age. This exercise also supports those experiencing physical health disharmonies such as; muscle and joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy.  The exercise physically challenges the active athlete, and has proven to be  complimentary and rehabilitative with high impact sport activities, such as mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing.

- Challenge the Mental Ability of Focus

HydrO2ga® encourages the participant to integrate mind-body connection by  practicing  exercises in a no gravity environment that challenges the  person’s ability to mentally connect with the body, and exercise specific muscle groups.

- Permit Emotional Wellness

Participants are encouraged to connect with the water, their breath, and the movements of HydrO2ga® to calm and rejuvenate the emotional body, the chakras, the emotional centers of the of the body. The repetitious breath of HydrO2ga®, combined with the quiet of the deep water and movement facilitates the realization of the powerful calming effect of inhalation and exhalation.

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Find a HydrO2ga® Class Near You::

HydrO2ga® classes are currently offered in Colorado at Centennial Pool in Longmont, The Estes Park Aquatic Center, and The YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park.  >>Learn More

About the Creator of HydrO2ga®

Phyllis Tucker studied and graduated from The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, and later obtained her Master’s Degree in Natural Health. Please contact Phyllis by phone at (303) 823-5902, or by email at  >>Learn More

“I sincerely believe that anyone, regardless of age, gender, or limitations would greatly benefit from HydrO2ga®. Take the plunge, challenge yourself, renew your confidence, and have some fun!”  

                                         - HydrO2ga practitioner



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